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Have a business idea, but not sure how to make it happen?
You need a plan, and most likely financing. We can help!!

Savannah is truly a unique city given our high levels of tourism and enormous growth. There are more opportunities for start-up businesses to create and own their own niche than ever before.

· Savannah attracted close to 6 million tourists last year.

· Tourists spent $1.5 billion in direct spending (not including money spent on lodging), of    which $240 million was spent on shopping.

Source: Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce 2005 Forecast and 2004 Economic Trends report.

The goal of Stratacon Small Business Services is to assist entrepreneurs and small business owners in transforming their ideas and vision into a profitable reality, thereby promoting the local economy. Whether your dream is geared towards Savannah's booming tourist market or some other business venture, Stratacon Small Business Services, under the direction of Meredith Jackson*, can help you make it happen. We have partnered with Bill Atkinson** of Atkinson Business Consultants to offer full service business planning and financing services. Business plan and financing packages start at $3,500.

    Stratacon Small Business Services:
• Market / Competitive Research
• Business Plan Development
• Pro forma / Financial Statement Development
• Feasibility Analysis
• Financing Services (via Atkinson Business Consultants)

*Meredith Jackson, a partner at Stratcon, heads up the Stratacon Small Business Services division. Stratacon, a full service, global business consultancy, offers a broad spectrum of capabilities designed to improve business results, promote greater profitability and increase shareholder value.

**Bill Atkinson is President of Atkinson Business Consultants. Working with banks and lenders all across the country, Atkinson Business Consultants has assisted thousands of small businesses over the last 17 years, raising over $200 million in financing for business startups, expansions, and reorganizations.