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As time, money, and quality resources become increasingly limited in expanding competitive markets, it becomes critical that organizations implement effective project management techniques in order to stay ahead of the competition.

Stratacon's Project Management Services

In Step III, Stratacon employs project management methodologies proven to facilitate successful, sustainable organizational change and maximize your organization's potential for efficiency and profitability. Stratacon is capable of delivering a range of customized project management solutions that facilitate the prioritization and achievement of strategic business goals, radically decrease time and costs associated with project completion, maximize resources, and increase ROI.

  • Option A: Stratacon provides on-site/off-site certified project management professionals, dedicated to determining the needs of your organization and implementing customized solutions that fit within your culture and have an immediate, measurable, and sustainable impact on the success of your projects and business.

  • Option B: Stratacon has developed a unique, intense, comprehensive training course that targets the specific knowledge, skills, and tools employees need to successfully plan, track, and manage all aspects of projects immediately upon returning to work. Under Option B, one of Stratacon's project management professionals delivers this two-day course to your employees.

  • Option C: Under Option C, your department or organization can take full advantage of the expertise of Stratacon's project management professionals and the benefits derived from both Option A and B.

Enterprise Project Management Software Solution

As part of our project management services delivered under Options A and C, Stratacon utilizes a revolutionary, web-based, project management software solution designed to plan, track, and control your projects, as well as significantly strengthen communication amongst project team members and stakeholders. This incredibly robust software is an integrated solution that provides comprehensive information on all the projects in your enterprise, from executive-level summaries to detailed work assignments for team members. It's as simple as logging on to the Stratacon website and clicking a link to the information. Below are some of the other features of our enterprise-wide solution:

  • Provides an integrated process improvement platform for delivering best practices, lessons learned, and organizational standards
  • Acts as a central repository for important project documents so they can be easily accessed at any time
  • Provides varying levels of security access
  • Measures actual project performance against baseline information
  • Graphical representation of performance data
  • Completely customizable reporting capabilities
Project Plan

Benefits of Stratacon Project Management

Some of the outcomes you can expect as a result of Stratacon's project management services include:

  • Increased clarity regarding roles and responsibilities, project objectives and expected outcomes
  • Increased levels of accountability and commitment
  • Optimization of resources
  • Increased project and product quality
  • Decreased time and costs typically associated with re-work, lack of scope/change control,
  • and processes that aren't streamlined
  • Increased success rate due to risk identification, mitigation and contingency planning
  • Decreased re-work due to the establishment of project history
  • Increased, measurable return on investment
  • Increased communication amongst project team members and stakeholders
  • Increased stakeholder awareness regarding project progress
  • Improved bottom-line results