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In the first step, discovery, we will assist your organization with obtaining and analyzing the crucial information required to diagnose your operation across all functional and geographic areas. Through executive interviews and comprehensive surveys, Stratacon enables a business to evaluate its current effectiveness in each of the six dimensions. By identifying the needs and then deploying its project management teams to assist with implementation, Stratacon helps your company achieve its full potential through the natural, organic cycle of change and renewal.

Market and Customer Knowledge

We examine how your organization determines the expectations and preferences of customers and markets. We will determine and illustrate the relative vitality of the company's relationship with its customers.


In this dimension, we assess how well your organization recognizes critical internal and external influences and addresses them in its strategic plan. We look at how well the organization understands key customer, market and operational requirements as input to setting strategic direction. The constant evolution of corporate strategy is required for the organization to remain adaptive to new markets, changing economies and technological advances.

Internal Messaging

All organizations must keep stakeholders informed about critical internal and external information, at the right time. Such symmetry is necessary to ensure that information is circulated up, down and across the organization. In this dimension, we evaluate how effective the information exchange processes are and how well you use information for supporting organizational decision-making.


We will detail how senior leaders address values, directions, performance expectations and responsibilities to the public; how well they create and balance value for all stakeholders and drive performance that leads to achievement of strategic goals.

Human Capital

Here we look at the people and how the organization motivates and enables employees to develop and utilize their full potential. We assess key human resource practices those directed toward creating and maintaining a high performance workplace and toward developing employees to enable them and the organization to adapt to healthy, strategic change. We evaluate to what extent human resource development and management efforts are integrated and aligned with the organization's strategic direction.

Value Stream Alignment

Leveraging maximum efficiency is critical to realize operational cost savings and to remain competitive. It is this internal operational structure that we examine to see how well the organization functions to create value from your customers' perspective: the only perspective that really counts. We apply value stream mapping for the analysis and implementation of change and show you where and why the delivery of products and services are adding or depleting customer value.

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