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In partnership with the world's foremost performance management company, Panorama Business Views, Stratacon has created its Consolidated Measurement System (CMS), which is a series of measures used to track performance against critical targets.

The measurement system was designed to complement our diagnostics; i.e., the same areas that are assessed in our Level I survey are measured with our CMS. Here is an example of measures that clients have used:

Market and Customer Knowledge

  • Service Quality Index
  • Revenue per Client
  • Customer Loss Rate


  • Leadership Effectiveness Results Scores
  • Organizational Effectiveness Scores
  • Financial and Market Scores


  • Rate of Effectiveness in Responding to Identified Opportunities
  • Perception of Value/Effectiveness of Strategic Planning Process
  • Percentage of Plan Objectives Accomplished

Internal Messaging

  • Usefulness/Timeliness of Information Distributed by IT
  • Reliance on Data for Critical Decisions
  • Risk Tolerant Environment for Open Communication

Value Stream Management

  • Percent of Total Transactions Processed through EDI
  • Percent of Zero-defect Status Suppliers
  • Percent of Project Interruptions

Human Capital Performance

  • Human Capital ROI
  • Total Labor Cost as a Percentage of Revenue
  • Percent of Employees with Development Plans

Financial Indicators

  • Current Ratio
  • Inventory Turnover
  • Debt to Equity Ratio

A Stratacon consultant will assist your organization in identifying custom performance variables that measure strategic activity in your value chain, which precede, and thus aid, in the prediction of measured financial results. Measures are selected based on their frequency of use, their predictive value, and ease of acquisition, and assembled in the form of a measurement "dashboard." These indices are typically leading indicators; that is, they provide your organization with a predictive perspective of performance long before financial statements are published.

Our measurement system:

  • Provides a comprehensive view of performance against critical indicators
  • Enables your organization to track overall performance at the push of a button
  • Highlights issues that require attention before they become problems
  • Consolidates all your reporting functions into one system
  • Uses superb graphics to visually illustrate report data

Views provide you with an overall picture of performance, allowing you to drill down and display information on the key measures that contribute to the overall success of your company. With the Executive Dashboard display, you have access to detailed information on each measure in the system with graphs, tables, commentary and action plans to facilitate communication and analysis.

Each box represents a measure in the view structure. Every measure is customized according to your performance needs and critical success factors.