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The intent of our diagnostic capability and survey instrument is to assess the performance potential of your organization. We do that by examining the six dimensions of organizational performance as identified below. Our research has shown that an organizationís ability to compete is related to how effective the organization performs in each of these dimensions, and how balanced performance is with respect to the other dimensions.

Stratacon provides two levels of diagnostics. Level I is a series of 100 questions assessing your organizationís performance with respect to Strataconís six dimensions plus a 7th category for basic financial data. Answers to these questions help us understand how your organization is currently performing and how it will most likely perform in the future. A sample of Level I is provided below.

The questions represent a body of performance variables that measure strategic activity in your value chain, which precede, and thus aid, in the prediction of measured financial results. The type and weighting of these measures were designed to replicate criteria that analysts use to assess present and future market value of publicly held corporations. The measures were selected based on their frequency of use in companies, their predictive value, and ease of acquisition. These indices are recognized by investors as not just indicators, but as actual producers of long-term earnings (Arthur Andersen, AICPA, 1994).

Level II represents a deeper analysis of the same dimensions and is conducted through one-on-one interviews with key managers and analyses of available report information.

The following is a sample of questions from our Level I survey. Questions are answered on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being "not at all," 2 being "barely," 3 being "to some extent," 4 being "to a considerable extent," and 5 being "to a great extent."

Sample Questions

Market and Customer Knowledge

  • To what extent does your organization define its markets and customer groups?
  • To what extent does your organization ensure that all employees are aligned on the importance of customer satisfaction?
  • To what extent does your organization emphasize the importance of managing customer contact points?


  • To what extent does your organization engage in an overall strategic planning process?
  • To what extent is your organization open to partnering with other companies that may enhance your organizationís value proposition to the customer?
  • To what extent are you prepared to diversify your products in the event of newly emerging customer requirements?

Human Capital

  • To what extent does your organization build and maintain a work environment conducive to personal and professional growth?
  • To what extent does your organization identify and reinforce adherence to the organizationís stated competencies?
  • To what extent does your organization promote an environment that encourages open discussion, diverse opinions and constructive feedback?

Internal Messaging

  • To what extent does your organizationís leadership solicit and use input from multiple levels of the organization to make decisions?
  • To what extent does your organization communicate business results to its employees?
  • To what extent does your organization gather information and analyze performance trends with respect to product and service performance?


  • To what extent do your organization's leaders focus on promoting and living the organization's expressed values?
  • To what extent do your organization's leaders create an environment of empowerment, innovation and learning?
  • To what extent is your organization known for having leaders with long and stable tenures?

Value Stream Mapping

  • To what extent does your organization identify and map critical processes?
  • To what extent does your organization understand and promote the notion that the customer is the ultimate beneficiary of every critical process?
  • To what extent does your organization use measurement indicators to determine effectiveness of key design, production, and delivery processes?

To obtain the most useful and statistically reliable results, we recommend that a group of at least 25 survey participants from multiple departments or areas within your organization as well as multiple levels of management be invited to complete the survey.

Participants are directed via email to Strataconís survey site, where they will log on to the survey by entering their name, email address and a pre-designated password. Once all the surveys are completed and returned to Stratacon, our consultants will analyze the data and provide results and analyses within 5 business days. Our report will include information on how the participants responded, an analysis of your organizationís strengths and vulnerabilities, and a recommended approach for improving performance.

At the conclusion of the Level I survey process, Stratacon would proceed to a Level II diagnostic, at the organization's request, in order to gain a deeper understanding of vulnerabilities and strengths and provide a much more comprehensive analysis of conditions affecting growth and profitability.

A highly functional organization:

Chart: Hightly Functional Organization

These sample survey results indicate a highly functional organization. Note that all dimensions are in relative balance and scored in the upper quartile.

A dysfunctional organization:

Chart: Hightly Dysfunctional Organization

These sample survey results indicate a dysfunctional organization with respect lack of balance and definite failure patterns in two dimensions.